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Painting in Progress
inspiredby the "Hubel" Space Photo"
24" x 30"  Oil on Canvas
A Work in Progress
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas
Private Commission
This beautiful child  was so graceful she
reminded me of a dancer.  Even though I
painted a traditional
portrait of her, it just
didn't seem to fit her personality as well as
contemporary version I started with.
"Do You See What I See
in Swan Nebula"?
abstract oil from the galaxies
Original Photograph
"Swan Nebula"
The Emotional Side of Art
contemporarty oil portrait little girl
Brenda Helps.Com
Contemporary Art is simply art that
is created within our lifetime or
produced since WW II.  For me, it is
art that is a bit less detailed and
leaves more to the imagination as is
abstract art or impressionism.  All
can cross over a bit into the other
and can be debated long after the
cows have come home.  For me
Contemporary Art is a way of letting
emotions flow into your work
without having to explain anything.  
It is pure viewer  descretion.  
Paintings created to look like
Watercolor Art; Abstract Oil
Paintings mused from the Galaxies;
Pure Color divined from
Art is everywhere and in everything
pure and simple.
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