Brenda Helps

"Freedom from Poverty
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas
"America, America"
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas
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Brenda Helps.Com
Fine Art Paintings and
The purpose of the art you will see on this
particular web page is presented to inspire a
conceptual study of global  cultural
perspectives.  To think globally about all the
issues facing each and everyone of us today.  
From the effects of fossil fuels, endangered
species world wide, clean water for everyone,
the art of peacekeeping, the global economy,
people effected by the rualness of where they
live, the lack of amenities, water, food
,education and opportunity and how we might all
come together at some point and make positive
changes to this world we live in.  The
depicted on this page are
oil paintings on canvas
and will feature
landscapes, people portraits
wildlife from around the world.  Some will
inspire us to be grateful, others may inspire us
be to take some sort of action, and still others
may just make a connection to the beauty around
us.  If nothing else we can all think
preservation  of our world and it's different
The Gallery of  Global Awareness