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Wildlife & Nature Portrait Paintings
Fine Art Wildlife and Nature Paintings
"Minnesota Loons"
22" x 28"  Oil on Canvas
Private Collection

"Arizona Mule Deer"
22" x 28" Oil on Canvas
Private Commission

"Falkland Island Wildlife"
photograph by:  
Frans Lanting for
"National Geographic Magazine"

Study of
"The Falkland Island Albatross"
Oil on Canvas  22" x 28"
Private Collection
" Big Horn Sheep"
16" x  20"  Oil on Canvas

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Albatross nesting oil painting
minnesota loons landscape oil painting
big buck portrait
deer in landscape oil painting
"Deer in the High Country"
15" x 30" Oil on Canvas
Private Collection
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The beauty of nature seen through my
eyes as a child has forever inspired me to
try to recreate that beauty on canvas.  I
always knew I couldn't outdo  the
experience of actually being there, but I
am always excited to do my best. The
awesome beauty and magnificence of
being in one of our national parks
whether in America or somewhere else
around the world I am always reminded
of how small I am yet how connected I
feel to our creator. It is said we are just
four people away from being connected
to all the world.  We all need each other
desperately to  survive, grow and develop
into what and all that we can be.  We
must gather together to solve the earth's
environmental, health, poverty and peace
issues.  That I should be so lucky as to
inspire just one person through any of my
paintings, whether it is children's portraits,
wildlife, roses paintings or nature
paintings, I would count myself blessed
beyond measure.