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* Prices may vary depending on the amount of detail required.  The artist must
see your photograph(s) to give a firm fee quote.

* The artist reserves the right to use "artistic liberty" in setting up composition,
backgrounds  colors and scenes to achieve the most complimentary  painting for
you.  Of course landmarks  and your special memories will be preserved.

*Framing is left up to each individual.  All
Paintings are priced and shipped
without frames.  Shipping costs are extra.

* A deposit of 50% is required to commission  the start of a
painting,  the balance
is due at or  before delivery.

*The use and reproduction of these paintings are strictly  prohibited by copyright
laws.  All  paintings are copyrighted for the exclusive use and reproduction of
Brenda Helps.
One Subject - Prices are Approximate

16" x  20"   Approximately           $   700.00
18" x  24"   Approximately           $1,000.00
22 " x 28"  Approximately           $1,500.00
24" x 30"   Approximately           $2,000.00

These Prices are based on Head and Shoulders  
Additional subjects in same the painting will be approximately
$ 500.00
For a firm fee, the Artist must see your  photograph (s)
To contact the Artist
    Cell: 619
or Click here         to go to Contact page
Copyright Notice:  These art works and all others on this web site are original works of art, fixed in a tangible
form, and the
Artist reserves the right, title and interest in and to the copyright, common law copyright, the
right to apply for copyright registration, and any extensions and renewals, copyright in any publication,
reproduction, or other derivative rights, reproduction rights, including merchandising rights, use of title rights,
foreign edition rights, reproduction rights and derivative work rights.
Please Don't Hesitate to call or e-mail Brenda to clarify details and talk about your ideas,
poses and colors regarding your painting and receive a fee quote.  Remember to e-mail her a
copy of your photograph(s).
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