&   That we might see the beauty we've forgotten and preserve it before it is lost ...

&   To celebrate the beauty of nature so as to encourage conservation,preservation, and awareness ..........

&   To preserve young innocence & inspire protection, love, nurturing, and healing verses abuse , neglect, war, and
destruction ......                               .
&   To look within & see the beauty in simple things everywhere ..........

&   To learn to love and respect ourselves better so that we may love and  respect each other better also ..........

&   We are all connected ...........

&   We all need each other ............

&   What we say and do, does matter ..........
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Capture   Your    Most   Precious   Memories  with
Original    Fine   Art   Portraits  and  Paintings ...

Brenda Helps has been an artist for over 27 years and has always aspired to expand her skills and spiritual nature to
the ultimate degree.  Brenda studied with local Chula Vista Artist Doris Cox for several years as well as attending
"The San Diego School of Architecture" . She aspires to greatness, for to do any less is a waste of precious life.  

As a native San Diegan she has
exhibited and sold her artwork in many local areas such as, Old Town, Mission
Valley, Del Mar and downtown San Diego.

Brenda believes that whatever the subject matter every artist has their own way of revealing something of
themselves in their
paintings.  For this artist, her art is a celebration of the beauty, dignity & spiritual innocence of
this world.  Her goal is to strike a chord & to inspire  each of us to bring out the best we each have to offer.  The
world needs peaceful caring people to stand together and nurture our young, reach out to the hungry and the
homeless, and work hard to save our environment.    
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Brenda Helps

Artist's Perspective
Nurture and Protect
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